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The tortilla moon [Pic]

Submitted by Bustaflash

Some people just like to screw with others.

Holding a brain [Pic]

Submitted by Bustaflash

It must be intense to hold the brain of someone and know you have everything they ever did and felt in your hands.

Take a tour of the worlds largest treehouse.

Hey Ash, Watcha Playin’ [Video]

Submitted by Bustaflash

This is how most Civ 5 games end!

Theme Park in a Gif [Gif]

Submitted by Bustaflash

Space management has hit a new high.

Jesus is a dick in surgery [Pic]

Submitted by Bustaflash

If you hope to have Jesus with you during surgery, you may want to reconsider your belief in the invisible guy in the sky!

Mothafucka compilation [Video]

Submitted by Bustaflash

Surprise Mothafucka!

Great ass surprise [Gif]

Submitted by Bustaflash

Nothing like a great ass to get your day started.

If you thought a sexy woman was good on her own, then you will love when there are 2 or more!

Interesting music facts [25 Pics]

Submitted by Bustaflash

25 interesting music facts.

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