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Google Maps has revealed some interesting discoveries over the years. Props to the architect and the builders for being able to pull this one off.

Batmetal [Video]

Submitted by Bustaflash

Thinking of a life after fighting crime, Batman tries his hand at heavy metal.

The Greece Problem explained [Pic]

Submitted by Bustaflash

Having trouble understanding the financial problem in Greece? This will explain it pretty clearly.

What else could you expect to happen when you mix a redneck, beer and fireworks?

Feet on a plane [Pic]

Submitted by Bustaflash

Flying is never comfortable unless you are in first class. Being in close proximity to someone’s feet during the flight would make it even worse.

Floyd Mayweather looks set to lose his WBO welterweight title that he won after fighting Manny Pacquiao due to lack of compliance.

Sexy 4th of July babes [14 Pics]

Submitted by Bustaflash

These sexy women know how to celebrate the independence of their country.

Biggest lie told by men [Pic]

Submitted by Bustaflash

Women, if your boyfriend/husband/girlfriend/wife wants to take nude pictures or videos of you and they promise not to put it on the internet, they are lying. If you break up, expect it to be on the net within 24 hours.

How dogs react when left alone [Pic]

Submitted by Bustaflash

For humans, leaving for the day is just normal. For a dog, it is the longest time of their life.

The USA from the past 2 weeks [Pic]

Submitted by Bustaflash

Since gay marriage has been made legal in the USA, the people of the US have been acting a little strange.

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