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Dog carrying the shopping [Video]

Submitted by Bustaflash

This dog is more useful than your lazy children when it comes to bringing in the shopping.

November cannot come around fast enough for Fallout 4.

Uses of the F Word NSFW [Video]

Submitted by Bustaflash

The F word has many, many uses. These are some of the most common.

If you doubted that technology is affecting the mental well being of humans, take a look at this.

The Independence Day Sequel has finally been named: Independence Day:Resurgence. When it is released in 2015, a span of 20 years will have passed by the time it arrives.

Zootopia Movie Trailer [Video]

Submitted by Bustaflash

In an existence where humans never were, animals rule the place.

Google Maps has revealed some interesting discoveries over the years. Props to the architect and the builders for being able to pull this one off.

Batmetal [Video]

Submitted by Bustaflash

Thinking of a life after fighting crime, Batman tries his hand at heavy metal.

The Greece Problem explained [Pic]

Submitted by Bustaflash

Having trouble understanding the financial problem in Greece? This will explain it pretty clearly.

What else could you expect to happen when you mix a redneck, beer and fireworks?

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