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Interesting music facts [25 Pics]

Submitted by Bustaflash

25 interesting music facts.

Nasa has cockblocked Jupiter [Pic]

Submitted by Bustaflash

Nasa has betrayed Jupiter.

Planning on applying for a loan in the future? Make sure none of your Facebook friends write bad checks or have a bad credit score.

Cats vs dogs [Pic]

Submitted by Bustaflash

This is the reason why cats are always good to have around.

Will Ryan Reynolds be able to pull off playing Deadpool. From this trailer, I say yes!

Sometimes, only a warm shower can bring out the genius in you.

These super sexy woman are just what you need to end your week on an up.

The 3 amigos are coming back to your subscription screens in 2016 after signing with AmazonPrime. Any guesses what they are going to name the new show?

American dentist decides to spend $55k to hunt and kill Cecil the protected Lion in Zimbabwe. The reaction of the world is exactly as expected.

Dog carrying the shopping [Video]

Submitted by Bustaflash

This dog is more useful than your lazy children when it comes to bringing in the shopping.

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