Now that Australia has been able to enter the Eurovision song contest once, they think they are part of the family.

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This Australian thief thought he had the perfect plan to steal an ATM. The only thing he didn’t consider was his stupidity.

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If the thought of millions of spiders is enough to give you nightmares, then just imagine them raining down from the sky. It is just another option of death in Australia.

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The embarrassment that is the Australian Government have confirmed that the 10% GST that widely applies across items purchased in Australia will now begin to apply to digital downloads as well. It is a great way to fill their pockets a little bit more. In light of this, Steam is going to look a little  [ Read More ]

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If a sober snake is scary enough when trying to avoid death in Australia, a drunk snake might just be the scariest thing yet.

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The scariest thing about this video: The spider is really small compared to others that have arisen from the toilet.

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True blue Aussie NSFW [Pic]

Posted by Bustaflash

This is one of the most accurate descriptions of the Aussie Bogan language out there.

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Tony Abbott [Pic]

Posted by Bustaflash

He is just hanging onto his Leadership of Australia and has been voted one of the worst Leaders of a First-World Country. He really is an embarrassment to Australians.

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It looks like Australia will be replacing our Prime Minister this week. This would be the only appropriate way for Aussies to handle this.

Categories: Australia, Bored, Images, Politics

Driving propaganda [Pic]

Posted by Bustaflash

Want to get a message across to South Australians? Learn to talk their lingo and you will correctly deliver any message you want.

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