This is the only exception to the ‘no car should ever be destroyed with bumper stickers’ rule.

Categories: Bored, Bumper Stickers, Cars, Images

Tired of the $400,000 Lambo being raced up and down the street, this guy takes a rock and bounces it off the side.

Categories: Bored, Cars, Video

When you got more money than brains, these are the cars you buy.

Categories: Bored, Cars, Clicky

Compilation of the deadliest road accidents and the people who narrowly survived them. Viewers are warned some images maybe painful.

Categories: Bored, Cars, Video

Professional driver Leona Chin pranks new driving instructors by pretending she is a useless driver, and then showing what she can really do.

Categories: Bored, Cars, Pranks, Video

Evolution of the Lambo [Gif]

Posted by Bustaflash

From the first to the current, the Lamborghini was, and is, a beautiful example of perfect engineering.

Categories: Bored, Cars, GIFS

In what is a perfect lesson on why downforce is important in the front AND rear of the car, this Lexus learns the hard way.

Categories: Bored, Cars, Video

Safety car fails [Video]

Posted by Bustaflash

A compilation of when safety cars become danger cars.

Categories: Bored, Cars, Video

The crash happened at 300+ kmh. The driver walked away away, but his passenger was seriously injured. The car ended up melting into the group, making it the first Huracan crash.

Categories: Bored, Cars, Driving, Lamborghini, Video

3d printed Shelby Cobra [Video]

Posted by Bustaflash

Classic cars are now rolling off the print bed instead of the production line.

Categories: Bored, Cars, Video
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