Cats vs dogs [Pic]

Posted by Bustaflash

This is the reason why cats are always good to have around.

Categories: Bored, Cats, Dogs, Images

The GTA V modders have finally brought what the fans have always wanted into the world of GTA V: Fire breathing cats.

Categories: Bored, Cats, GTA, Video

Smug bastard of a cat [Pic]

Posted by Bustaflash

Typical attitude of a cat. Giving you a heart attack just to enjoy a nap.

Categories: Animals, Bored, Cats, Images

You play as garbage cat who wants to wake up your human by 3am.

Categories: Bored, Cats, Clicky, Games

How cats view humans [Pic]

Posted by Bustaflash

Humans have always assumed that cats are condescending towards them when in actuality, they feel sorry for us and are trying to help.

Categories: Bored, Cats, Images

Cat gets a brain freeze [Video]

Posted by Bustaflash

Nearly every human can relate to this cat suffering a brain freeze after eating some delicious ice cream.

Categories: Bored, Cats, Video

Cat flipping out [Gif]

Posted by Bustaflash

This cat decides to turn all satan on live T.V and starts flipping out like something out of the Exorcist.

Categories: Bored, Cats, GIFS

Cat enjoys being brushed [Gif]

Posted by Bustaflash

This cat enjoys being brushed so much that he goes full-on derp.

Categories: Bored, Cats, GIFS

Vegan diet [Pic]

Posted by Bustaflash

Vegan diet for cats is horrible and neglect. If you do this, you shouldn’t own any pets and should be put in prison. If this is the type of vegan diet you are putting your cat on, then it is acceptable.

Categories: Bored, Cats, Images, Vegetarian

This cat thinks that just because he stops moving, he can no longer be seen.

Categories: Bored, Cats, Video
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