The best of Mr Met [Clicky]

Posted by Bustaflash

The best of the Mr Met Gifs.

Categories: Bored, Clicky, GIFS

Sometimes, only a warm shower can bring out the genius in you.

Categories: Bored, Clicky, Shower Thoughts

The Independence Day Sequel has finally been named: Independence Day:Resurgence. When it is released in 2015, a span of 20 years will have passed by the time it arrives.

Categories: Bored, Clicky

These are some of the weirdest facts around, but be assured, they are true.

Categories: Bored, Clicky

So this entitled piece of crap decides it is ok to take a game ball from this old lady just because he thinks he deserves it more than she does. The entitled generation are nothing more than spoilt brats.

Categories: Bored, Clicky

If the thought of millions of spiders is enough to give you nightmares, then just imagine them raining down from the sky. It is just another option of death in Australia.

Categories: Australia, Bored, Clicky, News, Spiders

America has finally decided to treat women like the human beings they actually are by giving them their own currency.

Categories: Bored, Clicky, Satire, The Onion

In Cut’s latest edition of their “100 Years of Beauty” series, soon-to-be-newlyweds Kristie and Tavis allow a makeup team to transform them into older versions of themselves.

Categories: Art, Bored, Clicky

You play as garbage cat who wants to wake up your human by 3am.

Categories: Bored, Cats, Clicky, Games

Spending any money to look like a fake superstar like Kim Kardashian is stupid enough. When you have overdone your lips so much that they start leaking, than you know you have problems.

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