The GTA V modders have finally brought what the fans have always wanted into the world of GTA V: Fire breathing cats.

Categories: Bored, Cats, GTA, Video

Rockstar really wanted to ensure that the parachutes in GTA 5 were made out of indestructible materials to increase your fun times.

Categories: Bored, GTA, Video

This Rexona ad is exactly what Grand Theft Auto would be like in the real world.

Categories: Bored, GTA, Video

Rockstar* might be trying to stop or at least hinder modders, but if this is what is being offered by modders, than R* is making a massive mistake.

Categories: Bored, Gaming, GTA, Video

Jet drifting [Gif]

Posted by Bustaflash

Having skills like these in GTA is the way to get you the ladies.

Categories: Bored, GIFS, GTA

There are bad ways to die in GTA V, and then you have this guy who is undoubtedly the unluckiest guy to ever roam Los Santos.

Categories: Bored, GTA, Video

GTA V: Super Clown [Video]

Posted by Bustaflash

On the streets of Los Santos, a homicidal clown lurks. Incredible short film made from within the GTA V PC Editor.

Categories: Bored, Gaming, GTA, Movies

The cop AI in GTA V means they will always get their man, no matter how far they have to go. They do this in the game because they know they can’t be stood down with pay for using excessive force!

Categories: Bored, GIFS, GTA

A collection of the most funny and/or brutal deaths in GTA 5.

Categories: Bored, GTA, Video

Almost any sequence of events leading upto your death can, and most likely will, occur in GTA:V.

Categories: Bored, GTA, Video
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