Planning on applying for a loan in the future? Make sure none of your Facebook friends write bad checks or have a bad credit score.

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The 3 amigos are coming back to your subscription screens in 2016 after signing with AmazonPrime. Any guesses what they are going to name the new show?

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American dentist decides to spend $55k to hunt and kill Cecil the protected Lion in Zimbabwe. The reaction of the world is exactly as expected.

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What else could you expect to happen when you mix a redneck, beer and fireworks?

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Floyd Mayweather looks set to lose his WBO welterweight title that he won after fighting Manny Pacquiao due to lack of compliance.

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It has begun [News]

Posted by Bustaflash

Of course the robot uprising would begin in Germany.

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After being offered over £4mill, James May and Richard Hammond are set to reject a deal made by the BBC and go with Jeremy Clarkson to Netflix.

Categories: Bored, News, Top Gear

Ireland has become the first country in the world to legalize gay marriage through popular vote.

Categories: Bored, Gay marriage, News

Elon Musk is moving forward with his Hyperloop transportation system. You may recall that two years ago Elon first introduced the idea of a high-speed transportation from LA to San Francisco using fans and magnets.

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Picasso’s ‘The Women of Algiers’ was recently sold for $179.4 million. While reporting on this record breaking sale, Fox 5 in New York blurred out the boobs on the painting, obviously trying to protect the innocent children. SOMEBODY THINK OF THE CHILDREN.

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