Chris Roberts has told the FBI that while flying on a commercial airliner, he used his hacking skills and the onboard entertainment system to take over the plane and make it turn sideways.

Categories: Bored, News, Scary

If the thought of millions of spiders is enough to give you nightmares, then just imagine them raining down from the sky. It is just another option of death in Australia.

Categories: Australia, Bored, Clicky, News, Spiders

The youngest of the Boston Bombers Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has been sentenced to death for the crimes against Boston and its people.

Categories: Bored, News

A Chinese billionaire is rumoured to have paid £5million for the exclusive services of a Japanese porn star. This is how you know you have too much money. I thought this was considered owning a slave?

Categories: Bored, News

This young mans’ father was killed in the line of duty. 5 years later, his patrol car went up for auction.

Categories: Bored, News

This car, which has been approved in Europe, is run on saltwater. Could this be the death note for big oil?

Categories: Bored, News, Saltwater

The undisputed King of Blues, BB King, has died peacefully in his sleep overnight.

Categories: Bored, News

Harry Shearer, the voice behind many of the most beloved Simpsons characters has confirmed that his contract has not been renewed for The Simpsons. He has confirmed negotiations are still continuing, but at the moment, he is no longer a voice on The Simpsons.

Categories: Bored, News, Simpsons

During a raid at a makeshift brothel, Alyssa Lloyd claims police threw her to the ground rough causing her breast implant to burst.

Categories: Bored, News

Russia celebrated the defeat of Nazi Germany with the biggest Victory Day parade since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Categories: Bored, News, Russia, Video
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