The latest viral news floating around the internet is about how dirty a mans beard is.

Categories: Bored, News, Viral

The Oculus Rift is finally going to be available to the general public in early 2016. Finally, you will be able to experience 3d gaming like never before.

Categories: Bored, News, Tech

Because spiders were not already scary enough and spider webs extremely annoying, scientists have now made it possible for spiders to create Kevlar spider webs.

Categories: Bored, News, Spiders

The Simpsons have been renewed for two new seasons taking it through to season 28.

Categories: Bored, News, Simpsons

This freakish worm just sprays its worm gunk all over this persons hand.

Categories: Animals, Bored, News

The fight of the century went 12 rounds and ended with an umpires decision in Mayweathers favour. Did the fight live upto the hype?

Categories: Bored, News

So, apparently, there was a big boxing match happening in Las Vegas and a couple of rich people with private jets showed up. This was the sight at Las Vegas airport.

Categories: Bored, News

There should be a very clear separation of church and education. If there can’t be a separation, then all religious materials should be able to be distributed within schools.

Categories: Bored, News, Religion

The death toll from an earthquake that hit Nepal on April 25 is nearing 6,000 people. It also caused widespread destruction, including of ancient temples in the capital Kathmandu.

The Russian Space Ship Progress 59 was launched from the Kazakhstan’s Baikonur Cosmodrome with the aim of resupplying the ISS, but the kids in the back weren’t behaving, so has now turned around and is heading home.

Categories: Bored, News, Russia, Space
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