The Russian Destroyer Lieutenant Zatsarenny was sunk off the coast of Ukraine during WW1 when a German cruiser planted sea mines in the area.

The island of Zmeinyj, which served as a watch post during WW1, the Lieutenant Zatsareeny now lies 3 miles off the coast and 90ft below the surface after hitting a sea mine. Zmeinyj was attacked by the German Light Cruiser Breslau, where 11 Russian and Romanian prisoners were taken. The Lieutenant Zatsareeny was tasked with restoring the island.

After leaving Odessa on June 17th, 1917 to restore the watch post on Zminyj, the Lieutenant Zatsareeny struck a sea mine that was planet by the German Light Cruiser the Breslau.

The explosion from the mine and a charge with 114 kilos of explosives ripped through the hull. The explosion killed 37 crew members and passengers.

The Lieutenant Zatsarenny has been untouched for almost 100 years.

The Lieutenant Zatsarenny was one of the many ships to be named after heros from the Crimean War.

One of the intact torpedo tubes. The Lieutenant Zatsarenny is the only ship of its fleet that can be explored today. All of the others, which were also sunk, were raised during the Soviet era and sold for scrap metal.

The Lieutenant Zatsarenny was armed with torpedos and this 120mm, 10 tonne gun, which is still attached to the hull.

Some of the torpedos that survived the sinking and are still stored in the hull to this day.

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